1. Collecting wonder in the Rockies

  2. Beautiful 13.5 miles in Helsinki today. One month until my first ultra.

  3. Longest run. Ever. 28 miles on a gorgeous day in Helsinki.

  4. Tallinna❤️

  5. PR on a glorious day in Helsinki. Half-marathon, 1:25.02. Next.

  6. Helsinki in summer dress.

  7. Hail & snow storm mid-run today in Helsinki. Makes for a memorable sky and gritty run.

  8. Beautiful day in Helsinki (minus the odd spirt of hail).

  9. Glorious morning for a run on the edge of the Baltic.

  10. Fog and mud and love.

    Long run in the hills and trails of Paloheinä, Helsinki.  It was worth the work to reach high ground in the park today, gorgeous views of the wilderness in the fog.  17 miles of beauty. 

    Ultra marathon training has commenced in earnest.  This time last year I was preparing to run in the most storied marathon in the world, in Boston, with almost 30,000 fellow runners.  It turned out to be an unforgettable day, one of tragedy but also of triumph and one that binds all runners together.  Though I am across the world from that event this year, I am as connected to my running peers as ever. 

    This summer I run an ultra marathon in the fells and forests of Lapland, with barely 100 others, mostly Finns, no TV cameras, and only the most loyal and enthusiastic fans, and in the middle of the ‘night’ though there is no night in Lapland in July.  

    I am looking forward to 100s of glorious miles in beautiful surroundings, including the Helsinki City Run (half-marathon) and the Seawheeze (half-marathon in Vancouver), amongst others to be named later ;)

    Every time I train, or race (or even walk frankly) the iPhone app Charity Miles sponsors my miles and makes a donation to a nonprofit of my choice.  I support the pioneering Parkinson’s research being funded by the Michael J Fox Foundation among others.  Check out the app to see more, its free.

    More updates to come soon about Karhu and my explorations of Finland’s natural wonders as I prepare for my first ultra marathon and continue the adventure.